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ATOPIGO® 100 g

Product category: Atopigo
Profilaktyka i łagodzenie objawów atopowego zapalenia skóry (AZS).


The unit packaging is a plastic bottle containing 100 g of the product in the form of a liquid with a screw cap protecting against unwanted opening by children. A measuring cup is included with each package.

This is a medical component. Use it according to the instructions for use or label.


Atopigo® is a concentrate for the preparation of baths used in atopic dermatitis. It has a preventive and soothing effect. It is intended for external use only, after having been diluted with water according to the directions for use presented below. Atopigo® can be used from 3rd month of age.

Description of the action

Atopigo® contains sodium hypochlorite. Baths in diluted sodium hypochlorite are recommended as a safe method of preventing and alleviating the symptoms of atopic dermatitis. A bath with the addition of Atopigo® cleanses the skin of impurities that exacerbate the symptoms of atopic dermatitis.

Regular bathing with the addition of Atopigo® improve skin condition and increase its resistance to infections (bacterial, fungal and viral).

Handling the product

Before using the product for the first time, determine the level in the bathtub that corresponds to 100 liters of water using a container of known capacity.

STEP 1 Fill the bathtub with 100 liters of tepid water (at a temperature of approx. 37ºC).

Carefully add the entire content of the bottle to the water. Use protective gloves.

Mix the content of the bathtub thoroughly.

STEP 2 Immerse the body in the prepared bath. Do not immerse the head.

Duration of bath: 10 minutes.

STEP 3 Rinse your body thoroughly with tepid running water.
STEP 4 Gently dry the body with a towel. Do not rub the skin.

STEP 5 When the skin is still slightly moist, apply topical medications (if prescribed by a doctor), then use emollients (e.g. Atopigo® Emollient body balm). 

Repeat the bath 2 – 3 times a week or as indicated by the doctor. Bath in a small bathtub

Measure 5 milliliters of product for every 5 liters of water. Use protective gloves.

Spread the product by thoroughly mixing the contents of the bathtub.

Proceed as described above (STEP 2 – 5).

Close the container tightly after each use.

Storage conditions

Keep container tightly closed. Keep out of the reach of children.

Transport at ambient temperature longer than 7 days is unacceptable. Symbol indicates correct upright position of the package during transport and storage.Store at 2 – 8ºC. When the product is stored at 2 – 8ºC, the expiry date does not change.

During use, the product can be stored at a temperature below 25ºC. The date of removal from the fridge should be written on the bottle label. Use within 3 months.

 Keep away from sunlight. The lot number is given on the outer and primary package.

 The expiry date is given on the outer and primary package. Do not use the product after expiry date.

 Any serious incident related to the product should be reported to the manufacturer and the appropriate agency.

Verified: : 12.2023

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